Galeries Lafayette

Design a knowledge-sharing platform for tourists.

My Role

Desk Research
Interaction Design
Visual Design


Dec 2016-Feb 2017
(Client Project)

Tool Used

Adobe XD
After Effect

Team Members

Janet Delton
Molly Dunn
Sherry Liu


What does Galeries Lafayette want to do?

Galeries Lafayette represents French consumer culture. The company's retail sales in Paris alone amount to 2 billion euros, and it has more than 50 stores in other cities in France, but nowadays, many department stores like Lafayette missed the development of digital platform, which leds to a significant drop in consumers who have moved from department stores to other consumer channels such as e-commerce. In an interview with BOF, CEO Nicolas Houzé confirmed “The number of consumers has dropped by 20%.”

The Challenge

To identify the major challenges encountered by the customers and tourists interested in shopping in Galeries Lafayette and would like to have a better understanding about how Galeries Lafayette stands for. Design a solution that could assist and provide information whatever customers and tourists might want to know through digital platforms.

THe Solution

Design a Interactive Application

The solution proposed is a mobile application that applied with gamification,especially mobile games can make full use of customers’ fragmentation time because of its convenient experience. Nowadays, the media is flooding and information becomes fragmented. Gamification marketing based on mobile platforms which makes users participate and spread actively is a new ideation for Galeries Lafayette.

THe Process

From Concept to Live Product. Yes, we shipped it!


Comparative Analysis
User Persona
User Stories


Site Map
Brand Identity


Hi-Fi Prototypes
Design System

User Research

Understanding Business Needs and User Needs

Comparative Analysis

To understand how to improve the interaction on the application  for Galeries Lafayette, I looked into competitors that offered the same search services. I looked at two companies- The Selfridges and Idealist which provided information searching services and analyzed them to find out what they offered,their advantages and drawbacks. I also looked at alternatives likeWestfield London and to find out their advantages and their drawbacks.

By looking at these different platforms, I focused on who to design for? (the user base) and what kinds of features and functionalities Galeries Lafayette  should offer.

User Persona

Through the existing research at Galeries Lafayette, we found out that the target user group would be customers and tourists who do not speak French,and would like to see the floor map directly. Consider Emma who represents a customer who is traveling in Paris, and are highly interested in looking around in the most luxury mall, which is Galeries Lafayette, she didn’t speak any French, but would like to see accessories in particular, which feel a bit lost in the Galeries Lafayette. So basically she served as my primary persona which I want to focus on for better a shopping experience in this project.

User Story

The user story represents  the core features of the platform. Here, we also display the different features that are to be released in the uncomping versions of the platform for the future ideation. 

Gamification is based on the needs of people. The core of it is to promote internal drive. Gamification gives consumers more incentive to "earn" happiness in Galeries Lafayette, which will shift their driving factors from outside to inside, from "saving money" to "I want to experience." By converting the elements of desires into elements of game, let people spontaneously go from “earn” to “yearn”.

Elements of game
Elements of desires
Personal Performance

The project will follow ​4 interconnected phases, hooking users with all great habits, according to product design expert and famed author Nir Eyal :

  1. Cues (or triggers) – In this context, the cues are the visual information that prompts a game player into action
  2. Routines (or actions) – These are what the player actually does in the game, whether it’s fighting monsters, shooting bad guys, or solving puzzles;
  3. Rewards – Tangible rewards include leveling up and unlocking achievements or items, while intangible rewards include the visual delight of advanced graphics and fun gameplay ;
  4. Investments – As players strengthen their character and advance in the plot, they become personally invested in the game’s events and final outcome.

User Flow

After the team had brainstormed potential solutions and analyzed pain points, a architecture information outlining the features that need to be developed was created. This allowed us to get a gasp of how the platform would work system-wide. This allowed me to understand the information architecture and how to design a step-by-step process of finding and applying to improve the users’ needs.A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!


Collaborating and Designing

Design System

Based on the Architecture Information, we had to understand how to integrate all the different features and apply the gamification under one common platform. It was an interesting experience for me since I was collaborating with other designers and we brainstormed a lot about how to design the interface and represent the information in a way that can be easily understood by the user.

Final Prototype Screen

Home Page 1.1
Home Page 1.2
Home Page 2

Home Page

Feature 1# Create a easy-going senior Support users to quickly have a traveling scenario. Add modules to help users understand the functionality of the application.

Introduction Page

Feature 2# Onboarding Experience Countinting users to have a traveling scenario.

Introduction 1
Introduction 1
Question 1
Question 2.1
Question 2.2

Questions 1-2

Feature 3# Trigger the emotion by answering the questions.-Engage the users with all the French lifestyle.

Questions 4

Feature 3# Trigger the emotion by answering the questions.-Apply gamification theory to increase the attractiveness of using this application.

Question 4.1
Result Page 4.2
Reveal Page 2
Reveal Page 1

Reveal Pages

Feature 4# Track the items in real time by revealing the result.

Result Page 1-2

Feature 4# Guiding the users to know which direction they can go.

Result Page 1
Result Page 2
Result Page 3
Result Page 4

Result Page 3-4

Feature 4# Show invite status instantly.
Providing users with more information about the mall.


Going Live!

Focus group and 1:1 interviews with primary users

After the prototyping phase, I handed my designs off to developers and had review sessions to understand what was technically feasible. I understood the importance of design systems and how they were treated to reusable components.

The developers built a React App and it was satisfying to see my designs come to life. After we shipped the new version of the product, our user base grew from 481 to 3420 users in two months!

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