Hi, I’m Cindy Huang.
A product designer.

Focus on simplifying complex information systems into inclusive human-centric experiences. 
Incoming UX Designer @ Microsoft.

Usability Testing
USER Research
Help Microsoft office new users get the most of their subscriptions
Cook for your life
UX Design
product Strategy
Create an active and diverse recipe searching community
IxDA Seattle
Visual Design
web design
A Visual System Design Refresh
Galeries Lafayette
UX Design
Design a knowledge-sharing platform for tourists
Fun things I did ✨✨✨
VR Meditation: The Path To Next-Gen Health & Happiness
Brief visualization about the gaming industry, genres and region

Hello Again! 💖

Thank you so much for visiting my portfolio! You can learn more about me here.
I’m also happy to chat! Say ‘hello’ at my Linkedin or my email.
For more info on my work, here is my resume.